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The Body Boutique Grand Opening

Hi Everyone,

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. Although I could post about any number of things (Mother’s Day orders, my conference in Portland, Or, or the new shave soap that is upcoming…) I will use this post to tell you about The Body Boutique Grand Opening that Tami and I went to over the weekend. The Body Boutique is a new day spa in Mt. Vernon that is carrying Northwest Scents’ products!

On Saturday night they had their grand opening. Tami and I got all dressed up and drove down to the event. The Body Boutique had asked for 200 samples of our Sea Salt Scrub and I was excited to see what they would do with them. As soon as Tami and I walked in we were handed a goody bag. Our scrub was packaged in the cutest black box with a ribbon and sticker on the front. Such a cute idea!

The event was PACKED! Standing room only. The event was catered and Tami and I enjoyed a delicious smoked salmon spread, asparagus, and meatballs with applesauce. Champagne was provided as well as wine from Silver Bell Winery.

The Spa looks amazing. The gals did a great job decorating the salon and it looks very inviting. I can’t wait to try a service there. Haircuts are only $35 and they have this amazing private mani/pedi room that would be soooo relaxing.

I’m excited about Northwest Scents being available for purchase at the Spa too. We are now in Skagit County! It is fun seeing all the different places that carry our products.

OK, picture time. Here are a few of Tami and I at the event.

Getting dressed up was fun.

When was the last time you dressed up??


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Samples, Samples, Samples

Hello Everyone,

Tami and I had fun making scrubs on Thursday. We even put together some samples of our fabulous scrub! The sample scrubs come in little pots that contain enough to treat your hands, providing the perfect amount of exfoliation and nourishment. We even designed a scrub in a new scent….drumroll please…Coconut Lemongrass!

The Coconut Lemongrass scrub is the perfect accompaniment to our Coconut Lemongrass soap and Coconut Lemongrass lotion. The smell reminds me of fresh coconut milk with a sweet hint of lemongrass sprinkled in. It reminds me of cooking Thai food with the exotic smells and bursts of bold tastes! The scrub has a mere hint of yellow jojoba beads for extra exfoliation as well as a shimmer of color in the scrub.

Northwest Scents scrubs are made with fine sea salt for exfoliation; sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil for moisturization; and shea butter for an extra rich feel. Our scrubs rinse off easily because they also contain liquid soap. When using our scrubs you will find that your skin is left with a silky smooth feeling and a mouth-watering scent that lingers on your skin.

Our sample scrubs will be included with any orders for you to try out! Happy scrubbing!

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As new business owners Tami and I spent some time last night discussing our goals for 2012. Goals are so important at every stage of business. If a business doesn’t have goals, how will you evaluate progress or know when you get where you want to go? There are a lot of quotes about the importance of goals but I think my favorite is this: “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.” So true.

So, how does someone go about setting goals? I turn to my trusty acronym: SMART. By using this acronym you will ensure that your business is set up for success! So, what does SMART stand for?

S= Specific. Setting goals that are specific is vital towards being able to measure them and for them to be meaningful. When I set goals I put as many numbers, dates, or other measurements in them. For example the goal of: Make more money is not very SMART. There is no way to determine success or measure that goal. An example of a good, specific goal would be: By the end of 2012, Northwest Scents will gross 5% more than in 2011. You can see how putting in numbers and dates helps to make the goal more specific, plus I am specifying that we will be comparing the 2012 gross income to 2011 gross income. Now that’s SMART! Usually SMART goals answer the 5 W questions: who, what, when, where, and why.

M=Measurable. Along with goals that are specific, goals need to be measurable. Again, putting numbers and dates into your goals will help you be able to measure your goals when it is time to evaluate them. Make sure to pick indicators of success that you can actually measure. For example, if you want to have a goal to increase customer satisfaction by the end of 2012, you must have a way to measure that. So, a goal that would meet the SMART criteria would be something like: By the end of 2012, Northwest Scents will have at least 95% positive feedback on Etsy.

A=Attainable. Your goals should be realistic and attainable. It doesn’t do you any good to have goals that are impossible to achieve. For example, if my goal was for Tami and I to be millionaires by the end of 2012 that would NOT be a SMART goal. Unless one of us plays the lottery and gets incredibly lucky, we aren’t going to be millionaires any time soon. It’s good to have a long term vision or big 10 year goal that you are working towards but keeping your goals attainable will increase the likelihood of success! That said, Northwest Scents has a few “stretch” goals. 🙂

R=Relevant. Your goals should be relevant to your business and your situation. Goals should be meaningful and matter. Goals and “to-do” items are different. An example of a “to do” item could be to get business cards by the end of the month but that probably shouldn’t be a goal. The goal might be centered around building a brand, or making a certain number of contacts, or something else that obtaining business cards would be relevant to.

T=Time Bound. Goals should be clearly marked with target dates. I start all my goals with By: (Insert Date),… By making goals time bound you can evaluate progress, re-evaluate goals if necessary, or celebrate if you achieved your goal!

What are your SMART goals for 2012?


Mother’s Day Baskets

Hello Friends,

What better way to appreciate your mom than by giving her a gift basket filled with bath and body goodies? Mother’s Day is right around the corner and we created a gift basket to honor all the special women in our lives.

Tami went out “gung-ho” today introducing our products to several retail stores in our area. We think that the gift baskets are the perfect way for people to get a taste of Northwest Scents and our fabulous products!

We decided to showcase our two best-selling scents in the baskets…drum roll please…Tangerine Sage and Lavender. Tangerine Sage is a perfect blend of sweet tangerines with crisp citrus notes, refreshing sage, and the merest hint of vanilla. This is our signature scent! Lavender is wonderfully scented with lavender essential oil which is known to promote relaxation and calm. Tangerine Sage Gift Basket

Lavender Gift Basket

Each gift basket is naturally handcrafted and includes the following:

  • 5 oz bar of our moisturizing, long-lasting, vegetable based soap. The Tangerine Sage soap has a vibrant orange color and the Lavender soap is beautifully swirled with purple mica.
  • 8 oz lotion made with nourishing sweet almond, avocado, and jojoba oils. This lotion is light, absorbs easily, and is perfect for Spring.
  • 14 oz bath salts made with sea salt and epsom salt. These salts are perfect for relaxing in the tub at the end of a stressful day.
  • 12 oz sea salt scrub to exfoliate and moisturize. Sea salt gently buffs the skin while exotic oils and butters provide a soothing touch. We love our sea salt scrubs! They are amazing because they rinse easily and do not leave an oily feeling to our skin. Jojoba beads provide extra exfoliation and give the scrubs a wonderful color.
  • Lip pot in Coconut or Vanilla. Our lip balm is made with olive oil, sweet almond oil, and shea butter which are wonderfully lip-loving! My favorite is the Coconut flavor because it reminds me of tropical paradise. It is sweet, fruity, and delicious. The Vanilla flavor is also fantastic. I am reminded of sugar, baking, and sweetness when I apply it.

Gift baskets retail for $25.00 plus tax. Please email info@northwestscents.com  or call us at (360) 389-3226 to order.

We will be selling gift baskets at a Mother’s Day Craft Show on April 21, 2012 at the Parkway Chateau in Bellingham, WA. Please stop by and see us if you are local! We would love to meet you and show you our products firsthand!

Visit us on the Web at www.northwestscents.com

Happy Blogging!

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